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Thanks for stopping by! The Health Nut Digest is an ongoing project to provide a helpful resource and information base for a variety of subjects relating to achieving and maintaining “maximized” health, longevity and wellness.

As a proactive, professed “health nut,” I’m constantly running across new information and data and sharing it with my Facebook and LinkedIN networks. As such, I decided to go a step further and compile everything on one, central blog site as well for your convenience, easy access, sharing, referencing and research. Full credit and links are given to each article resource for further info if desired.

So have a look around and enjoy the blog articles that are of interest. Return often or, better yet, stay informed and updated by Subscribing to my Blog via Email since posts will be added a few times each week. I pray that you will take the knowledge gained to heart and use it to benefit you and your family and lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Positive results can only occur by obtaining relevant knowledge and taking positive action.

Additionally, please share articles of interest with those you care about. Most of the data found here will not be found on the 6:00 news!

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